PC to TV Wireless

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Today you don’t need a lot of cables to interconnect different electronic devices at home. Actually you may organize a wireless communication between all modern electronics including laptops, televisions, cell phones, computer peripherals, cameras, etc. And now we’ll review ways of connecting PC to TV wireless.

A wireless PC-to-TV converter helps you to turn your big-screen TV into a computer monitor making possible Internet surfing, watching pictures and movies with great comfort. Some models of converters and televisions may also provide a reverse function – watching TV channels on your laptop or PC. But that’s useless, to my mind, because your goal is to make browsing ‘larger’ and watching movies ‘deeper’. Big screen of your TV fits those needs perfectly.

There are two main ways of connecting PC to TV wireless:

  • Laptop with built-in Intel WiDi feature and a separate receiver connected to TV
  • Laptop or computer and a wireless PC to TV converter kit

Laptops equipped with Intel Wireless Display (Intel WiDi) technology are able to transfer high-definition video and audio signals without additional equipment connected to them. Make sure your laptop supports this feature by checking the WiDi label on your device.

Intel WiDi technology

1. The first thing you need to do is to connect the receiver unit to your TV using ordinary HDMI cable. Easy-to-use TV adapters compatible with WiDi are produced by Belkin, NetGear, D-Link and other manufacturers. Power both TV and receiver on and set up HDMI source on your television. You should see the logo of your receiver’s manufacturer on the TV screen.

2. WiDi PC to TV wireless logoTurn your laptop with WiDi feature on. Usually such laptops have a button activating the wireless connection to the receiver. The button is marked by a pictogram showing a laptop with radio waves coming off right side. If you have the mentioned button, press it. If not, activate WiDi wireless laptop to TV feature via widget installed on your laptop along with motherboard drivers or simply enter the Display settings of your laptop. The software will show the list of available wireless devices. Choose the receiver connected to your TV and press ‘Connect’ button. That’s all, now you know how to connect laptop to TV wireless.

Standalone PC to TV wireless adapters

1. If you have a personal computer or a laptop without Intel’s genuine feature described above, you have to purchase a complete wireless PC to TV converter kit: transmitter and receiver. First of all, connect the receiver to your large screen TV with HDMI cable. Turn on the unit and TV.

2. Hook up the transmitter to your computer with either HDMI cable or USB cable (depends on the model of the converter kit you have). The former one is better. Check out specifications before purchasing the equipment.

3. PC to TV wireless adaptersIf your operational system hasn’t recognized the new hardware automatically, install drivers from CD supplied with converter kit. Then go to Display preferences, choose ‘Connect to an External Display’ feature and select your wireless adapter in the drop-down list (most probably it will be the brand name of your PC to TV converter kit manufacturer). Well done! Your PC is now connected to your TV wirelessly. Laptop to TV wireless connection is done the same way.

Wireless PC to TV adapters for older computer models

If your laptop or personal computer doesn’t have HDMI interface, you may organize the wireless PC to TV connection by means of VGA converter unit. The transmitter is connected to Video Graphics Array port of your PC, and the receiver is connected by means of VGA cable to TV. Apart from VGA any other interface can be used to connect the receiver to TV. Though the older video interfaces do not support audio signal transmission, the wireless adapter can transmit sound if you connect it from computer’s headphones jack.

Useful tips:
- Before buying converter kit you like make sure your television supports the type of connection the kit provides.
- PC to TV wireless converters have a typical operating range of 125 to 150 feet.
- Sometimes direct line of sight is needed for proper operation of the kit.
- Don’t place converter kit units near power sources and other wireless devices to avoid interferences.

PC to TV Wireless