Laptop to TV Cable

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Notwithstanding just four main interfaces how to connect laptop to TV, there are a lot of cables for those purposes. They were generally described in the article referenced above, but now we will review every existing laptop to TV cable in detail. This article will help you to choose the right cable among great variety of cords available on the market.

Cables to connect laptop to TV

What laptop to TV cable is needed when your computer has only a VGA port? If your TV has a Video Graphics Array interface, there will be no problem to link your devices with 15-pin VGA-cable having male connectors on both ends. If your television is equipped with DVI port, it will be easy to connect them with DVI-VGA cable which works in both directions. Moreover, there are also special DVI-to-VGA and VGA-to-DVI adapters which can help you to connect devices in case you have a cable with the same connectors (only VGA or only DVI) on both ends. The best choice of VGA cable to TV will be one with ferrite cores and gilded connectors. They will decrease electro-magnetic interference. Moreover, double shield makes possible longer cables to transfer video signal of relatively high quality without significant fading. VGA-to-S-Video or VGA-to-RCA cables may also be of use when connecting laptop to TV as modern televisions usually have a lot of ports including S-Video and composite RCA ones. You should also remember that VGA and DVI cannot transfer audio Laptop to TV Cablesignals, so you will have to purchase Mini-to-RCA audio cable to connect laptop to TV using your computer’s headphones jack.

If your computer is equipped with S-Audio port, you also have several choices to connect it to your television with a laptop to TV cable. The simplest variant is an S-Video cord with four or seven pins (make sure they match). However, your television (even the most up-to-date) might have no S-Video port (like my one). In this case you may use S-Video-to-RCA cable connected to composite RCA port (video and left & right audio) on your TV. No additional cable to transfer sound is required.

If your laptop has DVI port, the things are really going in your favor. You have several choices. What laptop to TV cable to use depends on the ports your TV has. DVI cable will fit the situation with DVI port. DVI-HDMI cord will transfer high-definition signal to your TV’s HDMI port. You may also use DVI-to-VGA adapter if necessary. Dealing with DVI output on your PC you will additionally need a Mini-to-RCA audio cable to transmit audio signal.

The best way to connect your computer to your television is HDMI laptop to TV cable. If you have it both on computer and television, all you need is an ordinary HDMI cord. Otherwise you may use HDMI-DVI cable or adapter in case your TV has no HDMI, but it has a DVI port.

DVI-VGA cable S-Video cable VGA-to-RCA cable Mini-to-RCA audio cable
DVI-to-VGA adapter VGA-to-DVI adapter S-Video-to-RCA cable